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Yumilashes - OUR STORY

With the YUMILash treatment you can now avoid fiddly lash extensions, not having to wear mascara and look younger! 

The hassle free and quick alternative to a fabulous you!

Founded by Swiss Derma Pigmentologist Sandra Viglino, YUMILashes is the cult go to brand for a Lash Lift and Tint.


Back in 2011, Sandra had a demand for a lash treatment from her clientele in Geneva . They wanted a look that was natural, low maintenance and was quick and easy to do. A few months later with a lot of added extra hard work YUMILashes was born. A lash treatment that enhances the natural lashes, boosting and lifting them upwards and works with your natural lash cycle. The treatment takes 45 minutes and lasts 8-12 weeks.

Inspired by her love for the Far East and their innovative beauty techniques Sandra chose the name YUMI as it means ‘beautiful’ if it is a girl’s name in Japan. With all things Japanese it also has a second meaning that is represented in our logo- ‘bow’ as in bow and arrow. The YUMI (bow) is the longest bow in the world.

Fast forward to the present and YUMI is one of the most well-known names internationally when it comes to lash lifting. Our success lies in our bespoke training and continuous product development. We’re also the only brand that has worked to ensure that our own branded tints work with our lash lifting treatment in a safe and harmless way.

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